How much do websites cost?

Check out this very thorough article by Matt, the founder of which became  He discusses the various costs that go into building a website and how the cost can quickly add up.  These are good things to be aware of, as a number of costs have to do with things like hosting space, domains, features, etc.   Read his article here:  How Much Money Should Your Business Website Cost In 2018?

Lowcountry web designs has found a way to offer much lower costs by researching the best tools and resources available — options that provide a manageable and great website while bypassing a number of high costs.  While we can’t build in certain things like advanced themes, a full e-commerce shop, and comprehensive registration options without paying those fees, we think we have some great alternatives.  If those extras are wanted, we can certainly opt for them.  But assuming nonprofits (for example) deal with limited budgets compared to big corporations, we’ve found ways to do things like online registrations and special design without going up to $1000s of dollars.


How much does it cost to build a website in 2018