Lowcountry Websites & Consultation provides full web design services, consultation on current websites, marketing, writing/editing content, and more!  We’re located in the South Carolina Lowcountry but absolutely work with people everywhere.


Our Pricing is designed to offer nonprofits and small businesses incredible rates, especially compared to larger web design companies and platforms.  Check out this article linked from our blog, detailing how much businesses can expect to pay for websites in 2017 & 2018.  You will NOT see rates like that here. Helping clients in a clear and transparent way is necessary to us!  Plus, we specifically LOVE working with non-profits, small businesses, and individuals/groups — much because we highly respect the valuable, hard work you do.  You likely work with limited resources from time-to-time (or OFTEN), and we hope to fill in some gaps through our services.

» Website Design

Below are a few websites we’ve designed and collaborated on with clients. And don’t worry — if it seems like putting a site together will be overwhelming and time-consuming, please know we walk you through every step.  The questionnaire online will give us the key information to get started with a mock-up.  Then we’ll go through an organized checklist so you’ll see each thing we’ll do.

» Logos & Headers

We also design logos as needed, incorporating them into the header and overall web design.  See the examples below where we had some fun with a few of our own. You can be involved in creating the design as you’d like or simply give us some basic ideas for look/feel, and we’ll bring back several options to choose from. 

» Training, “Cheat Sheets” & Ongoing Maintenance

We use WordPress to build websites, because it has one of the most straightforward and manageable interfaces. They have excellent self-help support resources and stay on top of regular updates. You’ll find a detailed breakdown and explanation on the Pricing page.  The WordPress admin site may look daunting at first, but we provide a thorough screen-sharing training to walk you through it.  We also put together customized cheat sheets so you have clear step by step instructions. We want you to succeed with your site long after it’s built.

There are many smaller organizations that have had websites (or still do) that just became unsustainable. Either the coding was too complex and it was basically a second job to manage … or often times, the person who handled the site is no longer there.

We have long-term maintenance and user friendliness in mind from the very beginning.   And no worries — if you need continued support, you can always reach out to us.  If you prefer to contract with us to handle making all ongoing website changes, we offer that option through consultation services.

Together we’ll avoid time dealing with overly complicated websites, keeping yours SIMPLE, MANAGEABLE, and HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED.

» Newsletters

We can create a custom newsletter for you to announce the launch of your site. The theme will match the basic website design.  It’s a great way to get others excited about the online resources they’ll now be able to access.  As part of our checklist, we’ll talk about helpful tips to market your site and make the most of your roll-out.


» Consultation Services

In addition to web design, we offer various consultation & contract services.  Check out Our Services page to learn more.  Just like our web design services, we’re committed to complete transparency, affordable rates, and simplifying the process.

» Where to Start?

  2. EXPLORE WEBSITES we’ve created
  3. Review PRICING structure
  5. REACH OUT if you have questions

As a busy entrepreneur I continually find myself out of my depth. And when I found myself struggling to keep up with my website updates and managing my calendar, I was referred to Erin Mathews. Not only was she able to help find workable solutions to better manage my online calendar, but she was also able to get my website up to date and teach me how to keep it that way. In addition to helping me find simple easy solutions without having to start from scratch, she is a phenomenal proofreader! So if you know you need a website but you are intimidated by the thought… check out Erin’s work. I think you will be impressed. I am so grateful I have Erin on my team. Do yourself a favor and delegate the web work you have been putting off.

– Amber DeBarge, Come As You Are Yoga

Amber DeBarge, Owner of Come as You Are Yoga (CAYA)

Erin completed a search engine optimization project for my company.

She was very personable and answered every question and concern I had throughly which demonstrated her expert knowledge in the area of SEO. She provided detailed reports to support all of her keyword suggestions and completed the project quickly. Due to her work, the traffic to my website has increased and my rankings are increasing for the specified key words. I highly recommend Erin for any SEO project.

Jamye Hickman Lindsay, Ph.D., AUXP