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We’ll walk you through a Free/Basic vs. Premium/Business WordPress plan site.  You’ll find one of each example below and should note the main differences come down to design and features.  As a non-profit or small business, you may not need things like an e-commerce shop or access to upload advanced plugins. Still — you definitely want room to grow, a modern & custom design, form/registration options, mobile optimization, AND an easy-to-maintain admin side all at an affordable rate.  See an article we posted on our blog about typical website/design costs in 2017-18.


Beaufort County First Steps (Free WordPress plan)

Beaufort County First Steps’ website uses the free WordPress pricing plan. This means there is no annual fee to maintain it. The customer only pays for the one-time website creation fee and possibly an annual domain fee if that’s preferred (for example: beaufortfirststeps.com instead of the given WordPress domain).  The domain annual fees typically run about $14.99/year, but there are often special rates especially if you sign up for multiple years initially.  Sites like GoDaddy.com and 1&1 Contact are two where we can check to see if your preferred domain name is available.

Some features of the Free WordPress plan:

  • WordPress subdomain
  • Dozens of free themes
  • Basic Design Customization
  • Basic Registration Form (but no online payments)
  • Ability to add admin users who can edit/add pages and publish them
  • Can also use EventBrite plugin if you need to collect event registrations
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Great option if you want something basic, affordable, and easy to maintain


CAYA Yoga Website (Business Plan)

Excellent Mobile Views
CAYA Yoga is a site that uses all of WordPress’s business services.  The photo below shows the mobile view.  Click on the site to see how the whole menu and pages appear. The WordPress business plan is currently $300 annually.  There are many custom templates available — many free options and some for a fee.  This specific theme was a one-time fee of $60.  So you have various choices if you’re able to take on an annual fee for your site.  Some of the features you receive:
  • Free domain name (i.e. http://www.cayayoga.com)
  • Ability to add custom templates (very dynamic design options)
  • Much more advanced customization
  • Able to use WooCommerce if you need a shop or ways for your users to pay
  • Custom Registration and Pricing Forms (payments are accepted)
  • Additional plugins can be downloaded
  • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) options
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Read here for more details on all WordPress pricing plans

Antioch Educational Center (Premium WordPress Plan)

Antioch Educational Center is a non-profit whose mission is to “assist members of low-income families in their transition from a state of dependency to self-sufficiency by offering programs and services in the areas of education, job preparedness, and health and wellness.”

Check out their new and improved website, especially the Newsfeed. AEC has been in the news quite a bit for all they do for the community!