About Us

Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to provide excellent user experiences for non-profit organizations and small businesses at an affordable rate. We want to create a site you can easily maintain independently moving forward!

We specialize in building highly customized websites with one-on-one customer service.

Hilton Head Island during a Christmas sunrise
Hilton Head Island at sunrise

We always include a detailed walk-through and custom documentation for how to edit and manage the site. We focus on full transparency throughout the process (no hidden costs will come up), listening closely to what someone is looking for, finding the most affordable options, and ultimately helping clients build a strong and successful web presence — all at excellent rates!

Message from the Founder

Erin Mathews, Founder

This business began in 2017, as many friends and colleagues often asked me about creating websites over the years. I was building sites on the side and mostly for fun.  Then I discovered there was a significant need for this work, especially among non-profits and small businesses. I especially enjoy helping these groups enhance their online presence and engagement.  With us, you will get a very personal touch and custom experience that meets all your needs.  We also want you to be able to fully maintain the site once we’ve finished and will provide training and custom documentation to ensure that occurs.

My background is in SaaS-based systems and providing customer service at many levels, including as Product Support Manager and Client Relations Manager.  My Master’s degree is in Counseling & Educational Psychology, which I’ve found to be quite useful throughout the years.  But during an assistantship with the Career Services office at the University of Nevada, I discovered my passion for technology.  I implemented multiple technology systems and also maintained the website (including a major overhaul of the website).  I’m excited to offer these services to those that need an online presence but may not be able to afford what most website design companies charge.  We believe in reasonable rates, excellent customer service throughout the process, and leaving you with a site you and your team can easily manage moving forward.