Below is the pricing structure we currently use, but we will finalize the fees based on your needs.  Contact us with any questions or fill out our brief QUESTIONNAIRE for an initial quote.  We want to make this process as transparent as possible and include you along the way with mock-ups, drafts, and more. There are several components to our pricing structure.

Comparing Our Prices with Typical Costs

Below is a quick comparison of our rates vs. the expected and average fees for a business in 2017-18 and in 2020.

Web DesignerCosts
Cost of Typical Website Design companiesIn 2017, one-time fees between $2000 – $8000 for a basic informational website (under 20 pages, little customization, limited features) plus significant annual fees (see reference: – “How much should a business website cost …”

In 2020, a small business or informational website (8-16 pages) costs between $2000$9000 with annual maintenance costs of $400 – $1200 (see “How Much Should a Website Cost in 2020?”) .

Cost of Lowcountry Websites & ConsultationAs low as one-time setup fee of $750 for nonprofits & small businesses.

Annual fees could be anywhere from $50 to $350. (this is if you want to buy a custom domain like along with a WordPress Premium or Business Plan).  See our Pricing Overview for more details.

Part 1: WordPress Pricing Plan Options (Possible Annual Fees)

Since we use WordPress to build the websites, it’s important that we choose the right plan for you. Click on the image below to view the pricing plans provided by WordPress.  These are some with annual fees, so it’s important to remember those fees must be paid yearly to keep the website up and online.  There is a free version — and there are still many things we can do with this version, but it will be a basic, informational setup.  Depending on how extensive your website needs are and what design options you prefer, the hosting/domain plans are below.

  • Personal Plan (billed annually $48 – domain included)
  • Premium Plan (billed annually $96 – domain included)
  • Business Plan (billed annually $300 – domain included)
WordPress Pricing Plans

Part Two: Fee for Building Website (one-time fee)

Below are some sample rates.  Please keep in mind the price may vary depending on the complexity of the site.  If we use the premium WordPress business plan, then this fee often goes up because of all the features.  This would be the one-time fee that you pay directly to Lowcountry Website Designs & Consultations.

Basic Website (Free, Personal, or Premium WordPress Pricing Plans)

  • $750 one-time fee for building the site (approximately up to 15-20 pages):  This fee is specifically for non-profits,  small businesses, and individuals. (As mentioned in our mission, we want to make sure you have an affordable option to get your online presence out there).
  • 1 hour training session (webinar/screen-sharing); if we need a little longer, that’s fine
  • Customized Documentation (“Cheat Sheets”) – This also included customized documentation (“Cheat Sheets”).


  • Instructional YouTube videos: $50 – $100
  • Ongoing consulting/editing/maintenance: This is an option if you prefer to send us changes, and we’ll update the site.  For this type of work, we will assess the amount of time involved and provide an hourly rate or perhaps a monthly or annual rate if that works better for you and your team.

Part Three: Domain Name (Potential Annual Fee)

  • WordPress Free Pricing Plan:  A customized domain isn’t included, but they do provide a subdomain of  The site your on is using the free version and the WordPress domain:  You will definitely want to consider purchasing a domain name that describes your organization or purpose of your website.  This helps with SEO (search engine optimization), which means showing up in organic web searches. It also helps your users remember the site.  Domains typically cost around $14.99 annually, but there are often deals going on.  It’s important that you use your own payment method and register the domain in your name, as that will renew annually.  We will walk you fully through this.
  • Alternative Domain Options:
    1. Domain Pricing
    2. 1 & 1 Internet Inc. Domain Pricing
  • WordPress Plans (Personal, Premium, and Business): A custom domain is included with any of these WordPress plans below.
    1. Personal Plan – $48 annually
    2. Premium – $96 annually
    3. Business – $300 annually