Importance of having a web presence & several easy steps to get there!

In 2018, the majority of us are fully immersed in the technology around us — cell phones, iPads, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. These days, the internet has made finding information and engaging with people/businesses a major convenience.  We almost expect that all businesses and organizations have a website.  HOWEVER, that’s not the case at all.  There are many organizations, especially small businesses and non-profits, that don’t always have easy access to web resources or budgets like larger companies and those selling products online.  Let’s say you have a restaurant and a fairly solid customer base primarily based on word of mouth. Imagine adding a website and simple marketing plan to increase your presence to people who haven’t been to your place before. A simple, useful website can go a long way towards extending a business’s success.

As the founder of Lowcountry Websites & Consultation, I wanted to offer something specifically for nonprofits and small businesses in local and smaller communities. After doing quite a bit of research on how to lower costs, I began finding various ways to make that happen. I’ve been working in technology and customer service for over 10 years, and I know technology can be intimidating. I’ve talked with clients who compare purchasing systems and technology services to taking your car into a mechanic you don’t know. I know the feeling — I don’t know what the charges and services really are, because I know so little about cars. It always made me feel vulnerable, because it was just all very foreign to me. It can be similar when deciding on how to move forward with technology, especially if you’re not working around developers and designers on a regular basis. This is also why transparency is so important. I want the costs and charges to be as clear as possible. If you read the article linked in the blog about website costs, you’ll see just how many components go into this process. And in working with us, we will make sure you feel comfortable and understand everything you need. We also examine your organization closely to gain a strong understanding of services you provide and constituents you serve.

We recently partnered with multiple First Steps offices across South Carolina who either didn’t have a website or needed to revamp their website.  First Steps is a non-profit organization that provides early childhood education services to families. Beaufort County First Steps is a good example. Executive Director Betty Washington shared with us their vision which is “to provide opportunities and services that help children and families change their lives and become more self-reliant.” In 2018, Betty and I worked together to build a website that would highlight their programs and allow for online event registrations.  The launch of the website was extremely successful with over 1,000 views in the first week.  They offered 28 trainings in 2018-19, with a total of 555 child care teachers and directors served.  We were able to streamline that registration process and automate it for them, increasing overall registrations.  Now, Beaufort County First Steps has an active Newsfeed with an average of seven posts per month.  Their content shares useful tips for parents, child care providers, and highlights events they’ve hosted.  We were thrilled to learn they are now one of the leading counties for web and social media presence.

If you’re thinking about building a website, we will work with you step by step. The process is also usually very quick.  Most can be ready within 2 weeks if we get everything on the checklist done.

How to get started:

  • Check out a few of the current sites we’ve created
  • Read through our Pricing overview
  • Fill out the questionnaire online.  We can adjust it as needed.  Flexibility and changes are absolutely fine.  I will follow up with recommended options.


Price Comparison Costs
Cost of Typical Website Designers In 2017, one-time fees between $2000 – $8000 for a basic informational website (under 20 pages, little customization, limited features).


PLUS significant annual fees

See reference: – “How much should a business website cost …”

Cost of Lowcountry Websites & Consultation As low as one-time setup fee of $500 for nonprofits & small businesses.


Annual fees could be anywhere from $15 to $150 (this is if you want to buy a custom domain like  See our Pricing Overview for more details.